not only in what you do,

but also in how you do it.

Hi, I am Shashank

Empathetic Designer + Visual Storyteller

I love to solve challenging problems through clear goals, user research, quantitative data and my intuition as a passionate designer. I'm actively seeking 2020 full-time design positions, ready to start a new journey.



A mental therapy platform that utilizes bio-integrated tattoo technology to improve mental health care.

UX/UI, Web Application


A smart AI assistant to make urban farming fun and engaging while growing a story along with plants.

Augmented Reality, Mobile UX/UI


A smart tiny product that helps you manage and dispose of personal waste effortlessly.

Product Design, UX Design

I am still working on the documentation, but you can take a sneak peek. 

Summer 2019 Internship at Roomster Inc. Development of Wireframes, design system, UI designs, and motion design. 

Design Systems, Component Library, UI Designs


A voice-interaction based Alexa App that teaches young children English in an engaging and delightful manner through storytelling

UX Design, Voice interaction Design, Development



A crowdsource based concept design that teaches autonomous vehicles social and cultural norms through reinforcement learning and minimum human intervention.

UX Design, Dashboard Design, Reinforcement Learning


A usability study and product plan for AkuteHealth, and EHR application,

EHR Application Usability Report


An office work management application that streamlines workflow and collaboration.

Product Design, UX Design

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