I am Shashank.

Empathetic Designer  //  Visual Storyteller

I am a UX designer, working to solve complex problems for business or service, deliver experience people love, and create impact through Design.

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Summer Internship at Roomster Inc., a home searching platform that operates in 192 countries worldwide. Development of Wireframes, design system, UI designs, and motion design. 

UX Design Summer 2019 Internship

A mental therapy platform that utilizes bio-integrated tattoo technology with human-centred design to streamline the process of therapy for both patients and the therapist, making it more effective and personalized.

UX/UI, Web Application

Transforming Therapy

A smart AI assistant that utilizes image recognition an augmented reality to help urban farmers by facilitating plant planning, recommending safe farming techniques, monitoring plant development by growing a story with their plants.

Augmented Reality, Mobile UX/UI

Rethinking Urban Farming

A usability study of AkuteHealth, and EHR application, with the goal of identifying key improvement areas in current product,  user perception and usage trends to define product direction, and generate actionable recommendations and feature plan.

EHR Usability Study

Health Data Made Accessible 

A mobile application that streamlines the process of managing professional work, coordinating with team, and staying updated with meetings and deadlines with ease. 

Mobile UX/UI

Work management made easy

A smart tiny product that helps you manage and dispose of personal waste correctly, and reduce the waste sent to landfills by providing the right information in an intuitive and effortless manner. 

Product Design

Managing Personal Trash

A 7-hour hackathon where we proposed a solution using crowdsourcing and machine learning to help autonomous vehicles adapt to different contexts, with minimum but strategic influence of the human driver.

Winner, Hackathon@UT, 2018

@2019 Shashank Jain  |   sjain@utexas.edu