Hi, I am Shashank!

Architect turned UX designer, I have worked across multiple design fields. Being passionate about design, I have been designing physical and virtual experiences for people for the last 7 years. Apart from design, I am always exploring new ideas,  photography, reading, playing basketball, hiking, and innovating. Cooking is reserved for lazy days with heavy rains. 

"God lies in the Details". 

Through design, I aim to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.

My Journey so far:

Waiting for the next adventure

Bachelor of Architecture

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi



Morphogenesis, WAL+L, Delhi


Voice Interaction Designer

University of Texas, Austin


Interaction Design Intern

Nokia  Austin

2019 - Present

MS, UX Design

University of Texas, Austin


UX Design Intern

Roomster, New York


UX Designer

Institute of Digital Media Innovation, Austin

2019 - Present

Things I Love:


I download new apps, and read design blogs regularly, as seeing other designer's approach to design act both as a source of learning and inspiration.  One of the strongest aspects of humans is the wealth of collective knowledge, and tapping into that sea of knowledge helps me learn from other people's experience, success and failures help refine my own design thinking and process.



On the road alone gives me an opportunity to become a stranger in a totally different environment and experience a different life. I enjoy living anywhere and making new friends on my way. The multitudes of perspective help look at life from multiple lenses, which in turn strengthens my design approach.



Stories form the backbone of design, and museums tell the most unexpected and awe-inspiring stories of evolution and exploration.  Getting lost amidst brilliant approaches to art is one of the things I love the most.



I have been keeping a diary for 8 years. I treasure every experience that shapes my life. This helps me to face my mistakes, reflect on myself, and never forget the kindness of other people. 

@2019 Shashank Jain  |   sjain@utexas.edu