Battle of the Wits

Engaging learning experience


Education is important, but so is fun. Building on this notion, an attempt has been made to merge the two, by developing an addicitve, engaging game, that secretly teaches children new things. The basic notion of a quiz, where children answer academic subject related questions have been gamified, and many progress, power-ups and reward systems have been added to make answering questions engaging. The main idea is the association of each subject with a personal digital pet. This acts as an incentive to play more and learn more, as each pet evolves as you score higher.




December 2017


• Performed research on Anxiety Disorder and wearable sensor technology via user interviews, SME interviews, literature reviews, and competitive analysis

• Created sketches, wireframes, and various levels of fideli conducted usability tests to iterate ideas

• Conducted 12 rounds of in person and remote usability testing to find usability issues and refine product design

• Lead visual design and created an interactive prototype to present the solution

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