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Hi, I am Shashank!

Designer    |    Illustrator    |    Architect    

Architect turned UX designer, I have worked across multiple design fields. Being passionate about design, I have been designing physical and virtual experiences for people for the last 8 years. Apart from design, I am always exploring new ideas,  photography, reading, playing basketball, hiking, and innovating. Cooking is reserved for lazy days with heavy rains. 

"God lies in the Details". 

Through design, I aim to make the world a better place, one small step at a time.


A picture is worth a 1000 words. With a pen in hand, and an idea in mind, I love doodling, illustrating, and exploring to build and refine ideas, make comics and jokes, and use as a team building and ideation excercise.

Motion Design

If a picture is 1000, motion is, probably, 10000 words! Adding those animations to bring static creations to life keeps me excited, and adds value to convey ideas in impactful storytelling.


I continuously practice front-end development as I believe learning to code is an essential skill to improve craft, prototype quickly, and coordinate with engineers effectively. 

What I do, and love every second of it.


Being in the design field for 8 years allows me to

1) empathise and focus on user needs by avoiding personal biases.

2) use the diverse design experience to think out of the box and generate innovative solutions.


I love to build!  Fail Fast, Learn Fast!

Be it working with physical materials, digital prototyping, or a hybrid approach, my background as an architect equips me well with love and skills for the same.

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