Hi, I am Shashank

Empathetic Designer + Visual Storyteller

A product designer, team player, communicator, dedicated to making the world a better place through design.


Designing for the B2B users for an automated, ai-driven language assessment platform

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Nokia - 5G MEC

Internship - Designing for the future of 5G and Mobile Edge computing to make digital products and services ultra-fast.

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Youtube Redesign

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Design challenge for Verizon interview process.


An AI based product that helps you manage and dispose of personal waste effortlessly.


A mental therapy platform that utilizes bio-integrated tattoo technology to improve mental health care.

Alexa Stories

A voice-interaction based Alexa App that teaches young children English


A smart AI assistant to make urban farming fun and engaging while growing a story along with plants.


Internship at Roomster Inc. Development of Wireframes, design system, UI designs, and motion design.